The degree of fit attributes to Mark Snoxell’s success in running businesses here and abroad. He can revive ailing companies and convert negative to positive turnovers. His ability to analyse and prioritise without compromise of standard and build teams to deliver services in a reliable and efficient manner is the hallmark of his competencies.

These ranged from managing non-governmental projects, government funded and private sectors. The successful implementation of an income generating project for a university in the Philippines, raising production and revenue of a private farm in the UK and carefully managing the budget developing a 6000 hectare of the Cotton and Maize Plantation for Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority funded by the World Bank in Yola in the early 80’s, put him in good stead for the subsequent posts held in Nigeria.

The experience and versatile skills set he possess enabled him to move from agriculture to aviation without hindrance; from being Agricultural Projects Manager, MASDAR Kano, to Business Development Manager Dornier/AIEP Kaduna and as Commercial Manager Aero Contractors Lagos. He had effectively ventured to unchartered water in opening domestic and international commercial aviation routes and interline agreements with European carriers.

His sincerity and integrity in conducting business, adhering to regulations and audits has brought Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) into both domestic and world arenas of the aviation service industry. The company currently provides services to the oil and gas industry and global humanitarian effort.