As an aircraft engineer from German University Aachen, Klaus Gloege has served in the German Airforce and at Lufthansa the nation’s National airline. In the fifteen years of service he has honed his skills at various sections of the company’s engineering and maintenance department.  It is with equal vigour that he joined Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP.

Having such a wide experience in the field of aviation, he was responsible for making the Nigerian dream come true that of having its own manufactured aircraft. This reality was the completion of 60 Air Beetles built in Kaduna, an Abi-initio Primary Trainer Aircraft for the Nigerian Airforce operation and maintenance supported by DANA. This was the highlight of his career as the Managing Director of Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) for 15 years.

He continues to serve the company as member of its Board of Directors to this present day.