The Board of Directors

As an aircraft engineer from German University Aachen, Klaus Gloege has served in the German Airforce and at Lufthansa the nation’s National airline. In the fifteen years of service he has honed his skills at various sections of the company’s engineering and maintenance department.  It is with equal vigour that he joined Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP. Having such a wide experience in the field of aviation, he was responsible for making the Nigerian dream come true that of having its own manufactured aircraft. This reality was the completion of 60 Air Beetles built in Kaduna, an Abi-initio Primary Trainer Aircraft for the Nigerian Airforce operation and maintenance supported by DANA. This was the highlight of his career as the Managing Director of Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) for 15 years. He continues to serve the company as member of its Board of Directors to this present day.

Engr Klaus D. Gloege

Born in Germany, Siegfried Genz had always been an engineering enthusiast. He has consolidated this interest and knowledge in completing an aircraft engineering degree in Munich. His specialist skills landed him to work for Dornier GmbH, aircraft manufacturing company and producers of high-performance military aircraft.


His ability to navigate through adversities has led him to Nigeria bringing with him expertise and knowledge in leading the team of Dornier serving the Nigerian Air Force. He continued to serve Nigeria as an entrepreneur and as an investor in founding AIEP.


As the President of Afrimex Liechtenstein he was best placed in term of support for the Nigerian operation. He continues to ensure the development and growth of DANA as the president of DASI (Dornier Aerospace International) Innsbruck Austria. For many Years he served as Chairman DANA and currently serves as member of DANA’s Board of Directors.

Engr Siegfried A Genz

Air Cdre Peter GANA’s core competencies lie in the military with the Nigerian Air Force. His initial education and flying training had been with the Nigeria Defence Academy. It was with the US Air Force that he undertook his undergraduate and Pilot Instructor Training. He has served at the Junior Staff College, Teshie Ghana. Further courses on Alpha-Jet conversion was in France and studies on Defence Resources Management was in Monterey California USA. He further enhanced his training by going on a Jaguar Fighter Jet course in England and with the Pakistan Air Force Air War College.


These domestic and international trainings had put him in good stead with various posts held as instructor pilot in Kano and advancing in ranks to Adjutant and becoming an Air Commodore. He has served in Makurdi, Kainji and had rendered service for country as Chief Air Officer (ECOMOG) Liberia. He has led various organisations such as Nigeria Airways, Africa Airline Association (NAF HQ) ad governing Councils of Polytechnic of Osun and Kogi States.

Air Cdre. Peter N Gana

Alhaji Ibrahim Ismail was born in Jigawa State. He began his career immediately after his call to the bar from a Legal Officer to a Principal State Counsel in Kano State Ministry of Justice. He served as the secretary and legal adviser of Kano State Urban Development Board now known as Kano State Environmental Protection Agency (KASEPA)


In 1984, he was appointed a member of Kano State Executive Council as a Commissioner of Home Affairs and Information and Education. In 1989, he was appointed Special Assistant to the erstwhile President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.


Ibrahim Ismail is currently a Principal Partner in the Law Firm of Universal Chambers Abuja and serves as Director of the Board of People’s Media Ltd Telemax, Trusted Pharmacy of West Africa and Chairman of Kainji Aquaculture Resources Ltd.


He further enhanced and consolidated his knowledge of corporate governance by undertaking courses on governance: Effectiveness and Accountability in the Boardroom provided by North-western Kellogg and Making Corporate Boards More Effective from Harvard Business School. He currently serves as one of DANA’s Board of Governors.

Alh Ibrahim Ismail

Alhaji Haruna Zindiwa Babaji’ s education, training, and experience across the range of knowledge of the law and management make him a formidable administrator and advisor.


To enhance his undergraduate studies, he took further qualification in Master of Laws thus consolidating his legal expertise. His studies and training overseas in Financing Small and Medium Enterprises in Brazil and Malaysia further augment his experience in applying these parallels in Nigerian contexts.


His wealth of experience and knowledge in legal and banking sectors had become his main asset in serving as company secretary. /legal adviser to various organisations: banks, government, and private corporations. Such posts had taken him to various parts of the country like Bauchi, Kaduna Akure and Kano.

Alh Haruna Z Babaji


Alhaji Isa Abubakar’s knowledge and expertise are grounded on accounting and economics. Qualifications attained from the UK, US and Nigeria had given breadth and width perspectives of business.


He achieved his A levels and HND Courses in UK as well as his degree in Accounting. Further courses he attended on Trading Oil Supply Chain from Invicible Energy Ltd Cambridge have added in consolidation of his acquired knowledge and information.


To enhance his knowledge and to enable him to look at business now on top management portfolio he took further training courses on Finance for Business Executives at Harvard Business School, Boston USA.


He has worked for Union Bank, Santana Energy and is currently serving as CEO of Grey Stokes. Currently, he serves as one of the Board of Directors of DANA.

Alh Isa Abubakar

Alhaji Hamid Bawa Muhammed hails from Kebbi State. His formative years of Education was from Zuru and Bida and he continued to further his education by gaining qualifications in Leadership and Management in Port Harcourt and City and Guilds of London Institute with GTC Ilorin. To enhance knowledge and skills he further attained Commercial Instructor’s Certificate of the Royal Navy School of Communications (HMS Drek) with further training in industrial security in India.


He had consolidated his skills sets in finishing his undergraduate studies grounded in International Relations. All of these had put him in good stead by serving as Chief Security Officer of Naval Staff, General Staff and to the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His wide range of knowledge served him well as Acting Managing Director of DANA and to currently serve as Executive Director Finance Admin to this present date.

Alh Hamid Bawa Muhammed

Executive Director / Finance & Admin
The degree of fit attributes to Mark Snoxell’s success in running businesses here and abroad. He can revive ailing companies and convert negative to positive turnovers. His ability to analyse and prioritise without compromise of standard and build teams to deliver services in a reliable and efficient manner is the hallmark of his competencies.   These ranged from managing non-governmental projects, government funded and private sectors. The successful implementation of an income generating project for a university in the Philippines, raising production and revenue of a private farm in the UK and carefully managing the budget developing a 6000 hectare of the Cotton and Maize Plantation for Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority funded by the World Bank in Yola in the early 80’s, put him in good stead for the subsequent posts held in Nigeria.   The experience and versatile skills set he possess enabled him to move from agriculture to aviation without hindrance; from being Agricultural Projects Manager, MASDAR Kano, to Business Development Manager Dornier/AIEP Kaduna and as Commercial Manager Aero Contractors Lagos. He had effectively ventured to unchartered water in opening domestic and international commercial aviation routes and interline agreements with European carriers.   His sincerity and integrity in conducting business, adhering to regulations and audits has brought Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) into both domestic and world arenas of the aviation service industry. The company currently provides services to the oil and gas industry and global humanitarian effort.

Mark Snoxell

Managing Director / Accountable Manager
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