Aeronautical Industrial and Project Management Company (AIEP) was incorporated in 1979 under the Nigerian Companies decree of 1968 with 60:40 ratio of foreign to Nigerian shareholders. Since then Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP Limited (DANA) has grown to become Nigeria’s leading Aircraft service Centre. DANA’s initial capitalization of Fifty thousand naira (N50,000.00) has been increased to Two hundred and sixty million naira (N260,000,000.00) in 1997.

The stated founding objective was to set up an economically viable business to facilitate effective transfer of aviation technology and create job opportunity for Nigerians. Thus, it was agreed to establish a general aviation services and maintenance centre at the Old Kaduna airport, which would metamorphose into an aircraft (transport/maintenance/production) industry with time.

The company was strengthened following successful operation by both Dornier and AIEP, and the company was renamed Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) limited.


Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP commenced its operation as a General Aviation Service Centre operating from a portacabin shop. By the time of its 10th year anniversary the scope of the Company’s activities had expanded to include:-

–                 Scheduled and Unscheduled maintenance of small and medium-sized aircraft

–                 Maintenance and Repairs of Avionics and other sub-systems

–                 Modification programme for aircraft

–                 Assembly of crop-spraying pilots

–                 Conversion training of pilots

–                 On-The-Job training of aircraft technicians

–                 Operation of aircraft for various customers

–                 Logistic management for aircraft owners

–                 Manufacture of the AIEP Air Beetle

The Air Beetle programme was a major project in which Dornier developed and produced the airplane as an ab initio Trainer Aircraft for the Nigerian Air Force.

DANA grew to become an approved maintenance organization with a team of licensed aircraft engineers and technicians. At the time – the only DORNIER aircraft service center in Africa and one of the three HONEYWELL engines (Garrett) Major service centre on the continent.

In terms of infrastructure, DANA then had three operational hangars (with a fourth under construction) and the Company also put in place a modern Avionics Service and Repairs Centre for the servicing and overhauling of communication and navigation equipment.

By 1999, activities of the Company improved to further include (in addition to the aforementioned):-

–                 Heavy maintenance up to C/D checks on aircraft up to DO-328

–                 Engine heavy maintenance

–                 Development of operations bases in Lagos and Port Harcourt

–                 Full operation and maintenance of aircraft for other aircraft owners including the Gulfstream III business aircraft

–                 Development, prototyping and production of the Air Beetle aircraft

–                 Product support for the Air Beetle aircraft, including development and incorporation of modifications

–                 Full range of activities for agriculture, pest control spraying using AgCat fixed-wing aircraft and Exec 162 Helicopter; and

–                 Co-operation with manufacturers, international operators and representatives of oil companies in the sub-region including operators Ghana, Niger and Angola

Download Dornier’s  Historical Customer Information for more information.

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